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Discover high-quality Adhesives at Lockmaster, including Grab Adhesive for versatile bonding, Mirror Adhesive for secure mirror installations, and Foam Adhesive for strong and adaptable sealing. Perfect solutions for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike!

Our collection caters to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, offering products that ensure strong bonding and effective sealing for various applications.

Grab Adhesive

The Grab Adhesive is a must-have in any toolbox, known for its strong bonding ability to almost any surface. Whether it’s glass, tile, stone, or metal, this adhesive ensures a durable bond. Its gap-filling properties also eliminate the need for additional fillers, making it a versatile choice for complex surfaces and applications.

Mirror Adhesive

Our Mirror Adhesive is designed for both professionals and DIY projects. It offers a reliable solution for mirror installations, adhering quickly to mirrors and working effectively on both painted and unpainted surfaces. This adhesive ensures that mirrors stay securely in place without leaving any visible residues or marks.

Foam Adhesive

Foam Adhesive is ideal for those seeking a strong and adaptable bonding solution. It’s perfect for filling gaps and provides a smooth application for both indoor and outdoor projects. This product is a top choice for a wide range of bonding needs, from home DIY projects to professional applications.

Sealing Tape

Sealing Tape is an efficient and versatile product suitable for various surfaces. It provides a reliable alternative to traditional bonding methods like bolts, rivets, and welds. This tape is excellent for small home projects and larger industrial tasks, ensuring a solid bond.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Double Sided Adhesive Tape is essential for home renovations, office makeovers, or shop decorations. It’s versatile, sticks to various surfaces, and leaves no residue upon removal. This tape is also perfect for arts and crafts projects.

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