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Save time and money on repairs with our selection of Multi Purpose Fillers.

No need to go from store to store, or order individual products separately. With our Multi Purpose Filler, you can find the best solution for all your patching needs. Fill cracks, holes, gaps in the wall, or even use it for masking tape.

At Lockmaster, we provide high quality Multi Purpose Filler, including Filler for Walls, Decorators Caulk, Gap Filler.

Filler For Walls

Are you living with a few flaws? Here’s your chance to fix those imperfections and make your walls look better than ever before. Filler For Walls is a high-quality, easy-to-use product made to cover up any flaws or holes in your wall. It’s odourless and won’t leave a bad smell behind.

Decorators Caulk

Getting the perfect finish has never been so easy. Decorators Caulk is perfect for filling in any cracks, gaps, or holes in skirting boards, furniture, or even around windows and doors. It’s also great for giving you a seamless finish when painting walls and surfaces.

Gap Filler

All gaps can be quickly and easily filled with this lightweight, durable Gap Filler. Whether you’re filling a hole in the wall or using it on the office windows to keep the noise down, this quick-drying, durable foam can be easily cut and sanded to fit any need. It features a variety of colours and finishes, making it easy to match any décor.

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