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With so many options to secure your home or business, one of the most popular methods is to use a Door Chain. It is made out of a metal chain that is typically attached to the door’s frame. The chain may then be inserted into a retainer, limiting the door opening to no more than 1-2 inches. Door chains are designed to allow you to inspect who is outside before unlocking your door completely. Door chains are particularly useful in high-crime areas and provide excellent security for vulnerable persons. At Lockmaster, we provide the latest and most robust door and window security, including door chains, door pulls, window restrictors, sash jammers, shoot bolts, and keeps.

People are always searching for better door and window security, especially with the increase in crime rates. A great way to do this is by installing a door or Window Restrictors. These devices are installed on the window frame and prevent it from being opened more than 2-3 inches. The use of these window restrictors can be traced back to ancient times when they were used in mediaeval castles to prevent intruders from climbing through windows and breaking down doors. Today, they are designed in so many variations that you have the option between a cable window restrictor and a folding window restrictor.

Shoot Bolts are another great way to secure your door. These bolts are installed on the door frame and operate by sliding into them. This makes it particularly difficult for burglars to break in because of the additional top and bottom locking points. These are the weakest parts of the door locking system and most prone to crowbar attacks. If you’re searching for a large selection of shoot bolts and keeps, kindly visit the link where we offer the latest and most robust for both trade and retail clients alike.

Sash Jammers are another door and window security device that prevents windows and doors from opening in case they are forced. It is a piece of Door Hardware that usually consists of two pieces made of hardened steel, one fixed and one movable. These pieces are positioned parallel to each other, one on the door and one on the window. When the window is closed, the sash jammer is twisted to lock into place, acting as an extra locking point for further security. Sash jammers are suitable for use on practically all types of doors and windows, both interior and exterior.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of high-security Door Cylinders. This includes the Yale Platinum 3* door cylinder, which has a 3-star Sold Secure Diamond rating. This means the cylinder has been tested beyond the usual standard. The Platinum 3-star Cylinder has been tested by BSI and has been granted the highest standard of the British Kitemarked TS007:2014 3 Star Accreditation. If you currently have a door cylinder and want to increase its security, you can purchase a Cylinder Guard which prevents a brute force entry technique known as “Lock Snapping.”

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