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Explore Lockmaster’s extensive collection of Door Cylinder Locks. Our selection boasts the popular euro profile cylinder, the distinct oval cylinder lock, the sturdy double cylinder lock, and the premium 3 star cylinder lock. Moreover, for those seeking ease, we offer the Keyed Alike Euro Cylinder and the handy Thumbturn cylinder.

The euro profile cylinder stands out as a smart mechanism. You turn a key, aligning small pins to unlock it. The strength of this system lies in its simplicity. If a problem occurs with the cylinder, you don’t replace the entire lock. Just fix that part. This design not only boosts efficiency but also conserves time and resources. Count on Lockmaster for top security solutions tailored for you.

We Offer 2 Popular Types of Cylinder Locks:

Euro Profile cylinders are the most common lock type. These locks stand out with a round barrel and a central keyhole. This keyhole might be horizontal or vertical. Either pin tumbler or dimple keys can open Euro Profile cylinders.

The Oval cylinder lock, rarer than the Euro Profile cylinder, boasts an oval shape. Like the euro profile, a pin tumbler key opens it.

For guidance in choosing the right cylinder, reach out. Our dedicated team is here to help.

We Offer 3 Types of Cylinders, with 3 Security Levels:

You can purchase them at three different security levels. The most basic is the 6-pin. Next comes the 1 Star cylinder Lock, tested against drilling, picking, and bumping, but not snapping. The 3 Star Cylinder Lock meets all TS007 standards, including snap tests.

Insurance prices might drop with a higher security lock. Some insurers ask that installers fit British Kite marked door cylinders. Otherwise, insurance claims might be void.

We Offer 4 Cylinder Lock Types:

The Double Cylinder Lock, or Key/key, is very common. These locks work with a multipoint lock, popular for composite and uPVC doors. The term key/key means doors open from inside and outside with a key. It’s the most secure lock type.

Another lock is the thumbturn, or thumb/key. A key activates it from outside. Inside, a thumbturn (like a knob) unlocks the door. They fit best in flats or houses with solid, unglazed doors. However, glazed doors pose a risk. Burglars might break the glass to open the door. That risk doesn’t exist with double cylinder locks, as you can remove and store the key safely. You must weigh security against convenience when choosing your cylinder.

The Keyed Alike Euro cylinder shows the perfect mix of ease and security. A single key set unlocks any lock in its set. You no longer sift through jingling keyrings at your door. Finding the right key is easy now. This mix of ease and safety highlights our dedication to exceeding modern homeowner needs.

A half cylinder lock has one cylinder. The other stays still. It supports the first one. Use these locks in tool sheds, garage doors, or entrances that need locking on one side only.

How to Measure Your Cylinder Lock:

First, determine where to measure on the lock. Use a ruler, marking the centre on each cylinder side. If your centre screw is exactly in the middle, you have an inline screw with a 35/35 centre split size. Inline screw cylinders mostly fit composite doors.

Offset screw centres mostly appear on uPVC doors. They’re named offset as the cylinder’s center screws aren’t equal. An example is a 45/55 centre split size.

Securing Your Home: The Lockmaster Promise

Furthermore, Lockmaster’s dedication to top-tier security is clear in our wide array of Cylinder Locks. Our range combines sophistication with trust. Every homeowner and professional looking for advanced locks will find their match here. Trust Lockmaster to bolster your space with unmatched security solutions.

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