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Explore our selection of top-quality door hinges, including front door hinges, door flag hinges, and door butt hinges for composite and UPVC doors.

Composite & uPVC Door Hinges are pieces of Door Hardware that allow doors to swing open and shut. Manufacturers or installers install them during the making or fitting of your front door, but you can also fit them in later to replace an old or damaged door hinge. At Lockmaster, we offer the most reliable Door Hinges, including uPVC and Composite Hinges, French and Patio Hinges and more!

Types of Door Hinges:

There are many types of hinges, such as Door Butt Hinges, Door Flag HingesT Flag Hinges, etc. All hinges consist of metal, while some are coated in a plastic substance to give them a white, black, or brown appearance. If you’re having trouble choosing the right hinge for your needs, kindly contact a member of our sales team who will gladly assist you.

Door Butt Hinges

Door Butt Hinges are available in many types. Whether you need a hinge for an interior door or a cabinet, you are likely looking for a butt hinge. Because Door Butt Hinges have so many applications, their name can be a bit confusing and occasionally unclear. However, when it comes to uPVC and Composite Doors Hinges, these types of hinges look nothing like an internal hinge and are easily distinguishable.

Being the oldest type of uPVC door hinge, Door Butt Hinges are still widely used on doors and are commonly seen on older uPVC doors. Because of this, they are frequently purchased to replace an older or broken hinge.

Door Flag Hinges

Door Flag Hinges get their name from their appearance, resembling a flag at full-mast. Unlike Door Butt Hinges, Door Flag Hinges consist of a leaf plate known as the flag. This part of the flag hinge attaches to your front door while the other part attaches to the frame. The leaf plate sits on top of the hinge’s body and is held in place by a swivel pin. This gives the door its range of motion and allows it to open and close. Because the leaf plate lies on top of the hinge’s body, you can lift this type of Flag Hinge off if required.

T Flag Hinges

With a few exceptions, T Flag Hinges share many of the same qualities as the flag hinge described above. Its appearance is the main difference, as the name suggests. A T Flag Hinge is located in the centre of the body, giving it a T Flag appearance. As a result, the flag fits in the middle of the body rather than on top, making it impossible to lift the hinge off. To remove the flag from the body, you must first remove the swivel pin. Because a T-Flag hinge is installed between the body rather than on top of it, it is also known as an “Encapsulated Hinge” or a “Captured Hinge.”

2d Adjustment vs 3d Adjustment

All of the hinges listed above have varying degrees of adjustability that are often called “2d” or “3d”. This is usually stated in the product description or title.

A 2d hinge may be adjusted in two directions along its axis, often up or down, or left or right. A 3d hinge provides an extra axis of adjustment, which can be forward or backward. This forward or back adjustment determines how tightly the door fits into the hinge side of the frame. If this is excessively tight, the door will not close properly, causing the hinge to bind. However, if it is not tight enough, this might let draughts through the door.

In Addition, during installation, someone secures a part of the door hinge to one side of the door frame. They call this part of the door frame the “Jamb”, and they mount the other part of the hinge to the door itself, known in the industry as the door slab.

Front Door Hinges:

Front Door Hinges, integral to a home’s entrance architecture and functionality, are meticulously designed for precision in opening and closing doors. Commonly utilized on Composite, uPVC, Patio, and French Doors, craftsmen craft these hinges to withstand daily wear and external conditions. Front Door Hinges importance transcends mere functionality, playing a pivotal role in enhancing security, aesthetic appeal, and the performance of modern materials. With proper selection and maintenance, a high-quality hinge can serve your home efficiently for years, ensuring durability and elegance in equal measure.

Composite Hinges:

Composite doors are heavy-duty doors, usually quite heavy. To compensate for this, strong Composite hinges are required. This is why our Composite Hinges are the product of choice; they are a strong heavy-duty hinge designed to handle this weight.

The Composite Hinges available today consist of high-quality steel, making them resistant to rusting and corrosion. This is especially important if you live in an area with high humidity or coastal weather.

uPVC Hinges

uPVC Hinges are the most popular in the market due to the widespread installation of uPVC doors since the 1990s. They connect the door to the frame and allow movement while supporting the door’s weight. It makes sense that many uPVC doors still use these roughly 30-year-old hinges. As a result, you might need to purchase a replacement uPVC door hinge. However, over the years, some uPVC hinges may have been discontinued, and you may need to contact one of our excellent staff members, who will gladly help you find an alternate hinge.

French Door Hinges

French door hinges offer no real difference from a typical uPVC door hinge. However, French doors often feature additional hinges due to the varying sizes of doors and tension they undergo. And, because homeowners often install French doors at the back of the home, they frequently leave them open. This is why a high-quality French door hinge is so important. If you’re having trouble shutting or locking your door in place, it may indicate your door has dropped.

Patio Door Hinges

Patio hinges, while similar in function to other hinges, cater to the unique demands of exterior sliding or swinging gates. Their robust design is crucial as patio doors bridge our indoor sanctuaries to the great outdoors, enduring the elements and frequent use. These hinges not only ensure smooth operation but also enhance the longevity of your patio doors. If you experience difficulties in locking or ensuring a snug fit, a top-notch patio door hinge could be your solution. Elevate your patio’s function and elegance with our durable and reliable hinges.

Secure Your Home Today with Quality Hinges!

Each Hinges shows precision and security. Composite Hinges are robust. uPVC variants are trusted. There is a hinge for every doorway. Your French and Patio doors deserve nothing but the best to ensure their smooth operation and longevity. And remember, a door’s strength isn’t just in its material but the hinge that holds it in place. The myriad options of Butt, Flag, and T Flag Hinges, along with the intricate choices between 2d and 3d adjustments, ensure optimal fit and function.

Experience unparalleled quality with our selection of Composite, uPVC, French, Patio, and Front Door Hinges. If you are having trouble choosing the right hinge for you, kindly contact one of our exceptional team members who will gladly assist you.

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