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Lockmaster offers stylish and reliable Front Door Handles. These are available in uPVC, radiant Chrome, sophisticated Black, and traditional Brass designs. But these aren’t just decorative. When paired with a lift lever Multipoint Door Lock, they provide enhanced accessibility. They also bolster security. An upward motion engages protective hooks. The opposite releases the latch. This showcases their refined engineering.

Front Door Handles, commonly known as External Door Handles aesthetics are striking. Additionally, the handle details are captivating. Screw positions hint at the door type. It could be uPVC with shorter plates or Composite doors with longer ones. Many of our handles feature a Euro-Profile-Cylinder cut-out. This highlights a preference for these locks across Europe. However, we also have exceptions for classic locks like the Era Vectis. With Lockmaster, you’re making a choice. You elevate your home’s entrance experience by blending design, function, and security.

Exploring the Benefits of Front Door Handles

External Door Handles are more than functional. They define our home’s character and offer many benefits. Let’s look at these benefits:

  • Enhancing the curb appeal of your home: Front Door Handles add a touch of style, elevating your home’s exterior charm and making a positive first impression.
  • Complementing your home’s architectural style: With various styles available, these handles can effortlessly match and enhance your home’s architectural theme.
  • Offering added security and privacy: Paired with a secure lock, a robust Front Door Handle deters unauthorized access, fortifying your home’s security.
  • Providing durability and long-term use: Handles crafted from durable materials withstand frequent use and weather elements, ensuring longevity.
  • Allowing easy access and smooth operation: Well-designed handles guarantee ease of access, providing a comfortable and smooth operation for all users.
  • Offering variety in design and finishes to match your décor: External Door Handles come in an array of designs and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect fit that aligns with your décor and personal style.

The Materials Making Up Your External Door Handles

Material choice is crucial when picking External Door Handles. It influences durability, maintenance, and looks. Composite and uPVC are popular choices. They are durable and need little maintenance. Plus, they look good. Let’s explore these materials.

Composite Door Handles:

Composite Front Door Handles are unique. They combine strength, durability, and style. Multiple materials make them up. Each material adds unique properties. The result? A strong, reliable handle. It’s perfect for busy homes. Besides strength, they’re stylish. They come in many designs and fit various architectural themes. This mix of features makes them a top choice for homeowners.

uPVC Front Door Handles

Selecting the perfect door handle is a task that demands a fine balance between functionality and aesthetics. uPVC front door handles excel in offering this harmony. Notably, their standout feature is the exceptional durability; these handles resist the usual wear and tear and are impervious to rust. Furthermore, they’re crafted to endure diverse weather conditions, be it torrential rain or scorching sunshine, ensuring they remain in optimal condition for years. The added advantage? Their resilience translates to minimal maintenance, making life easier and more cost-effective for homeowners.

But uPVC Front Door Handles are not just about practical benefits. Homeowners needn’t sacrifice style for sturdiness. For example, the Fab & Fix Balmoral Inline Lever fits seamlessly with various home décors, allowing a touch of personal expression. Moreover, when complemented with sturdy locks, they add a critical layer of security to the home, making them not just stylish but also a shield against potential intrusions. In short, for those seeking a blend of security, longevity, and aesthetic appeal, uPVC front door handles are an exemplary choice.

Door Handles in Technicolour: Finding Your Perfect Shade

Choosing a door handle colour matters. It’s like picking an outfit. Colours like white, black, and brass are popular. White is timeless. Black is sleek and modern. Brass has vintage charm. Your choice can change your home’s look. It’s not just practical; it’s a style statement.

Black Front Door Handle

Think of a white shirt and black tie. The tie stands out, right? A Black Front Door Handle is similar. Black represents luxury. On a light-shaded door, it’s eye-catching. It fits various styles, from urban to classic. So, it’s versatile. With Lockmaster, you get more than function. You get style.

But it’s not just about how it looks. The dark hue of the Black Front Door Handle means it can easily blend with various styles, from modern urban designs to classic countryside homes. It’s like that versatile piece of clothing that fits every occasion. So, when you choose a Black Front Door Handle from Lockmaster, you’re not just picking a functional piece; you’re selecting an accessory that can elevate the entire look of your home’s entrance, making it both trendy and timeless.

Chrome Front Door Handles

Selecting door accessories is as much about making a statement as it is about ensuring functionality. Chrome front door handles stand out in this category, melding modern elegance with robust performance. These handles are known for their gleaming, mirror-like finish, which not only offers a touch of sophistication but is also resilient to tarnishing. With their sleek appearance, chrome handles often provide a contemporary look, making doors seem both modern and inviting.

However, their appeal is not merely skin deep. Chrome Front Door Handles are renowned for their sturdiness, a feature often underrated in door hardware. Despite their polished exterior, they are hard-wearing and can resist the regular stresses doors typically face. This ensures they maintain both their shine and structure over time. Additionally, when paired with the right locks, chrome door handles play an indispensable role in bolstering home security. For homeowners looking to invest in a blend of elegance, durability, and security, chrome front door handles are a sterling choice.

Brass Front Door Handle

In the realm of door accessories, few materials evoke a sense of classic elegance quite like brass. A Brass front door handle is emblematic of this timeless charm, radiating a warm golden hue that can instantly elevate the façade of any home. Often associated with tradition and luxury, a Brass front door handle serves as nods to history while fitting perfectly into modern settings, creating a bridge between the old and new.

Yet, the allure of brass is not just in its beauty. The Brass front door handle is also a symbol of strength and endurance. Brass, by its nature, is resistant to corrosion, ensuring that the handle maintains its lustrous appearance even after years of use. The material’s intrinsic toughness ensures it can handle daily usage without faltering, making it as functional as it is decorative. And when combined with secure locking mechanisms, brass door handles not only look formidable but act the part, providing homeowners with an added layer of security. For those aiming to harmonize aesthetic appeal with reliability, brass front door handles stand as a golden standard.

Choose the Perfect Front Door Handle with Lockmaster Today!

A door handle is firmly like a handshake. It tells a story. It ensures security and adds style. It’s the final touch to your door. So, why settle? Explore Lockmaster’s collection. Find the perfect front door handle for your home.

if you need help, finding the ideal front door handle for your property, kindly contact a member of our sales team and they will gladly assist you.

“DDA-Compliant Door Handle“

For those who desire a little more grip, they can purchase a DDA-compliant door handle, which is longer and curvier than others. DDA Handles adhere to the Disability Discrimination Act of 2005 (DDA) and offer access to business facilities for the elderly and disabled. If you’re looking to replace your DDA-compliant door handle, please call one of our excellent staff members who will gladly assist you.

For our complete range of Front Door Handles, visit our parent site MB DIY. There, you will also find complementary products such as Internal Door Handles and Door Gearboxes.

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