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Enhance your door’s security with our uPVC Multipoint Door Lock, featuring a state-of-the-art Multipoint Door Lock Mechanism. This robust Multipoint Lock ensures unparalleled safety for your home. Choose our Multipoint Door Lock for peace of mind and superior protection.

Multipoint door locks set the gold standard in door security, especially suited for uPVC and composite doors. These locks are mounted on the side of the door and engage at several points along the door frame. This provides unmatched security for external doors. Why is this important? The security of your home is directly connected to the quality of your locks. Opting for multipoint locks is essentially opting to safeguard your home and loved ones with the highest level of lock security available. This decision signifies a commitment to ensuring peace of mind, with each access point securely protected against unauthorized entry. Don’t delay in enhancing your home’s security.

Benefits of Multipoint Door Lock Mechanisms

  • Enhanced Security: Multiple locking points significantly increase door security.
  • Improved Weather Sealing: Precision adjustable rollers squeeze the door against the frame, blocking draughts.
  • Versatility: Four locking operations cater to different preferences and security levels.
  • Ease of Use: Simple mechanisms like lever handles and split spindles make operation straightforward.
  • Increased Durability: High-quality materials ensure longevity and reliable performance.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for both uPVC and composite door mechanisms, offering flexibility.


Multipoint door locks stand as the cornerstone of door security, with the “Door Gearbox” or “Centre Case” playing a pivotal role in this robust system. Engaging this mechanism is straightforward: simply lift the handle to activate all hooks and rollers, ensuring your door closes securely. This system isn’t just about locking; it’s about reinforcing peace of mind. Featuring a variety of components like deadbolts, bolts, hooks, pins, and rollers, these locks are designed to offer comprehensive protection. Each type of locking operation, whether it be through lever handles or slam shut mechanisms, is tailored to provide unique advantages, ensuring your door’s security is uncompromised.

Furthermore, the integration of a door keep into your frame is not just beneficial but essential for the multipoint lock to function optimally. This addition secures the lock’s engagement points, enhancing the overall security of your door. Our extensive collection of Door Keeps caters to a wide range of preferences and door types. So, why wait? Explore our vast selection today and take a significant step towards securing your home. Upgrading to a multipoint door lock system not only fortifies your entrance but also instils a sense of safety and security, ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy. Make the smart choice; strengthen your home’s defence with our top-quality multipoint locks and door keeps.

Choosing from Four Distinct Locking Operations

  • Lever Handle: Simply raise the handle to lock the points then turn the key to lock it shut.
  • Split Spindle: Lifting the handle up will activate the locking points; after that, lock the device by twisting the key.
  • Key Wind: A latch will instantly lock into place as you turn the key twice to lock it.
  • Slam Shut: Also known as “Europa Plus,” In order to activate the locking points, simply shut the door!

*Multipoint locks are commonly used on a uPVC Door Lock Mechanism and a Composite Door Locking Mechanism.

In order for a multipoint door lock to work, a door keep must be installed into your door frame. This is a metal strip that is carefully positioned along the centre of the door frame. You can see our extensive collection of Door Keeps here.

uPVC Multipoint Door Lock

A Multipoint Door Lock Mechanism challenges the “one-size-fits-all” myth. Every door demands precise measurements and specific hook counts for a perfect lock fit. The 16mm faceplate, a common feature, slides into door recesses with precision. This ensures a seamless fit, critical for optimal security. “Croppable” locks take this customization further. They allow for trimming to your door’s exact dimensions. Adding a “Shoot Bolt” pushes security levels even higher, locking the door firmly in place.

Lockmaster’s extensive range of multipoint locks caters to this need for specificity. Whether for uPVC or composite doors, finding the right fit is guaranteed. This ensures your lock not only fits but also offers the highest security level. Take action now. Ensure your door’s measurements are precise. Choose a multipoint lock that offers both a perfect fit and unmatched security. Your home deserves no less.

Composite Door Locking Mechanisms

Composite door locking mechanisms, when equipped with multipoint locks, elevate security to new heights. The strength of these doors lies in their timber core, ensuring both durability and excellent insulation. Faceplates, an integral part of the lock, are available in either 44 mm or 20 mm sizes. The 20 mm variant necessitates rebating to fit perfectly. This specificity is key in choosing the right replacement locks for your composite doors.

Focusing on multipoint locks enhances the inherent security of composite doors. These locks, in harmony with the door’s robust design, create a formidable barrier against intruders. When selecting a lock, the choice of faceplate size becomes critical. It ensures not just a physical fit but also optimal security integration with the door’s structure. Prioritize precision in your selection to maintain the high security and aesthetic standards of your composite doors.

Fortify Your Home with Top-tier Multipoint Door Lock Mechanism

Secure your home with our multipoint locks. Offering unmatched security, weather resistance, and compatibility, our locks are the ideal choice for your doors. Explore our selection today and take the Secure your home like never before with our state-of-the-art uPVC Multipoint Door Lock. These locks aren’t just any security measure; they are a fortress for your doors. Offering unmatched security, they stand tall against any breach attempts. Not only do they provide formidable protection, but they also boast exceptional weather resistance. This means come rain or shine, your home stays safe and sound. Plus, their compatibility with a wide range of doors makes them a versatile defender of your peace of mind.

Don’t wait to enhance your home’s safety. Explore our selection of multipoint locks today and make the first move towards a fortified home. Each lock in our collection is designed with your security in mind, ensuring that your doors become impenetrable barriers to threats. Take this step now and join the ranks of homeowners who rest easy, knowing their sanctuary is protected by the best. Start your journey to a safer home with us; because when it comes to security, there’s no compromise.

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