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A Shoot Bolt, sometimes written shootbolt, is a type of lock that’s used to prevent a door from opening. A Shoot Bolt Keep is what the bolts will shoot into, keeping your door secure. They can be installed on the top and bottom of the door frame. Alternatively, shootbolts can also be attached to a Multipoint Door Lock. This is a “lock operated shootbolt.” If the shootbolts are not connected to the multipoint door lock, it is a finger operated shootbolt. At Lockmaster, we provide the most reliable and robust Shoot Bolt and Shoot Bolt Keep for uPVC, Composite and French Doors.

Shoot Bolts for French Doors are extremely important on a French door. On a standard door, the locking point is fitted into the frame. However, because French doors work in pairs, there’s no frame for them to lock into. Therefore, shootbolts are necessary to keep the door in place. This effectively turns one of the French doors into a frame that the adjacent door may lock into. Without shootbolts to fasten them, French doors are effectively swinging doors with little to no security.

Shoot Bolts

A shootbolt is the perfect solution for protecting your home or business from theft. It adds an additional locking point to the top and bottom of your uPVC or Composite door to boost security. Once installed, simply lower the handle, which releases the bolts, to open the door. Alternatively, you may lock the door by raising the handle, which will instantly fire the bolts, securing your door in place. Keep in mind that Shootbolts requires two pieces, one of which moves up and down and is known as the bolt, while the other is known as the keep.

Whether you install an inline shoot bolt, an offset shoot bolt, a thumb operated shootbolt, or a lock operated shootbolt, it must engage in a secure location on the door frame. This is the purpose of our Shoot Bolt Keep, and we have something in store for everyone.

Shoot Bolt Keep

Another very important part of your door is without a doubt the Shoot Bolt Keep. It is the part that holds the door closed and prevents unwanted people from entering. A shoot bolt keep is typically “Double” or “Single.” A double keep is used on a French door, which is a pair of doors with a central locking point. A single keep is installed on a front or back door. This means that you will have a single shootbolt on the top and bottom of the door.

Shoot Bolts for French Doors

It’s easy to look at your French door lock and try to figure out which portion is broken. The difficult part is identifying each component of your French door lock. A French door lock is often made of a long metal lock that runs the length of your door. A keep is placed on the other side of your French door which engages the lock. The other side of your French door has a keep installed. This is to engage the lock. Most people believe that this is the most important part of the lock. However, this lock is only as good as the shootbolts that hold the door in place.

Shoot Bolts for French Doors is a little metal lock that is situated at the very top of your door and may be activated by thumb or lock. The purpose of this is to keep one of your French doors in position so that your second French door locks into it. As a result, these shoot bolts for French doors are an essential feature of the French door locking mechanism.

With a Lockmaster Shootbolt and Shootbolt Keep, you can rest assured that when you’re away, your possessions are safe and secure. If you’re having trouble locating the correct Shootbolt and Shootbolt Keep for you, kindly contact one of our exceptional team members who will gladly assist you.


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