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Door Keep

Door Keeps are metallic pieces that are attached to the door frame with slots for the locking mechanism to fit into. They maintain a tight lock on your door, preventing intruders from entering your home. To lock your door, simply lift the door handle, which will activate the locking mechanism. To open it, just pull down on the handle to release the latch and unlock your door. At Lockmaster, we offer a wide range of UPVC Door Keeps, including strike plates, dead bolts, hook boxes, hook keeps, roller keeps, and much more! Read More

SKU: Lockmaster PLK21 Centre Keep £6.52
SKU: IGU30014L / IGU30014R £5.77
SKU: IGU32561 £6.23
Out of stock
SKU: ERA UPVC Door Hook & Roller Keep From: £2.70
SKU: Era Composite Door Adjustable Centre Keep £3.11
Out of stock
SKU: IPLK300-19 / IPLK301-19 £12.00
SKU: IGU10005LH / IGU10005RH £6.56
SKU: IGU10009LH / IGU10009RH £6.56
SKU: IPLK525-19 / IPLK526-19 £20.80
SKU: IPLK393-19 / IPLK394-19 £20.80
SKU: IPLK402A-19-OFF / IPLK403A-19-OFF £20.80
SKU: IPLK118-19 / IPLK119-19 £10.94
SKU: Era Handed Adjustable One Piece Keep £15.56
SKU: XWMS352HBK-L / XWMS352HBK-R From: £20.77