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Euro Cylinder Escutcheon

Discover the allure of Euro Cylinder Escutcheon. From the elegance of Black and Brass to the modern touch of Chrome and the opulence of Gold. Enhance your door’s aesthetics today. The Euro Escutcheon is more than just a prominent feature in the vast realm of door hardware; it’s a fusion of top-tier security and refined aesthetics. Unlike the standard escutcheon, which primarily serves to cover or frame the keyhole, the Euro Cylinder variant is meticulously crafted for a specific purpose. It is tailor-made for Euro cylinder locks, offering a protective shield around the lock cylinder. This shield significantly reduces the risk of any unwarranted tampering or manipulation, ensuring that the lock functions seamlessly and provides maximum security. Read More

SKU: ISFABES Oval Escutcheon From: £9.13
SKU: Mila ProLinea Escutcheon Set From: £7.49
SKU: I0KFVESCUT Mila Supa Escutcheon Set From: £10.49
SKU: Sweet Escutcheon From: £10.50
SKU: Fab & Fix Standard Euro Cylinder Pull and Escutcheon £26.40
SKU: Fab & Fix Euro Cylinder Pull and Escutcheon £37.22