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Hand Tools

Hand tools are an important tool to have. With these tools you can take care of all your tasks around the house and in your garden. We have a wide variety of hand tools available to make sure that you have the right one for every job. From specialty tools like Rubber Mallet and Gasket Roller, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with us. At Lockmaster, we offer the most robust Hand Tools, including Rubber Mallet, Glazing Shovel, Gasket Roller, CK Prybar and so much more! Read More

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SKU: HA0010B £6.95
SKU: Glazpart Oblong uPVC Face Drain Cap From: £30.00
SKU: HSS Long Series Drill Bit From: £1.56
SKU: HSS Twist Drill Bit From: £1.19
SKU: Konig Colour Edging Premium Touch Up Pen £14.23
SKU: Multi Cut Drill Bit From: £6.14
SKU: SDS Hammer Drill Bit From: £3.91
SKU: H4310 £13.10
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SKU: HA0046 £14.47
SKU: HA0008 £3.24
SKU: HA0034A £17.60
SKU: HD0086 £7.42
SKU: H16CLAW £16.61