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Door Gearbox

Don’t let a faulty Door Gearbox give you sleepless nights. With our wide Lokmaster Gearbox selection, we’ll make sure you get your door open without any hassle. These products are limited to just the central mechanism on your lock, so please contact one of our employees to ensure that the gearbox is suitable for your requirements. At Lockmaster, we offer a wide range of Replacement Gearboxes, including uPVC Door Gearbox and Composite Door Gearbox. Read More

SKU: ERA 35/92 , 45/92 Replacement Door Lock Gearbox £27.07
SKU: ERA Vectis 35/92 , 45/92 Replacement Door Lock Gear Box £36.00
SKU: Replacement Box For New Version Gu Ferco From: £36.00
SKU: Replacement Box For Old Version Gu Ferco From: £36.00
SKU: Fullex SL16 35 & 45/68 Replacement Door Lock Gearbox From: £70.45
SKU: Fullex Crimebeater Replacement Centre Case with Hook 35&45/62&92 Double Spindle £42.28
SKU: IFUBOX35 £38.48