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If you’re looking for high-quality lubricants, we’ll have what you need. Our superior lubricants are applied to surfaces to reduce friction and wear. This, in turn, minimises the amount of heat created when the surfaces move. They can be applied to doors and window hardware as well as any kind of machinery, including cars and bikes. At Lockmaster, we offer the highest lubricant for all your hardware needs such as GT85 Spray for Locks, Dry Silicone Spray, and so much more!

GT85 Lubricant Spray

GT85 Lubricant is perfect for using and applying to Door Locks the GT 85 spray is a multi-purpose lubricant that helps keep your door and window hardware in good working order. GT85 lubricates and protects while also cleaning automobiles and motorcycles. With GT85, you can go further and faster as it is made from a unique formula containing PTFE, which helps with lubrication and prevents squeaking. GT85 is also safe for silicone-treated surfaces due to its low surface tension.

Dry Silicone Spray

Dry Silicone Spray has many uses around the house, like sealing your bathtub or repairing your shower curtain rod. It can also be used to protect your favourite chair against pet hair, dust and moisture. This all-purpose silicone spray, this dry silicone lubricant and mould-releasing agent, is great for automotive jobs like protecting your car or bike.

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