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Mortice locks

Mortice locks are locking mechanisms that are commonly used as the main locking feature on wooden doors. When purchasing a mortice, it comes in two parts: the lock itself, which contains a deadbolt, and a latch, which is also found on mortice sash locks. The latch will be installed on the door. The groove in which the lock is installed is known as the “Mortice,” thus the lock’s name. The other part of the lock is the striker plate, or the keep. This is the portion that goes inside the door frame and is meant to hold the latch or deadbolt. When operating a mortice lock, a key is turned that retracts the deadbolt. If the lock has a latch, you can release it by turning the doorknob or pulling down on the door handle. At Lockmaster, We offer the most reliable mortice locks, including Mortice Sash lock, Mortice Dead Lock, Tubular Latch, 3 Lever Mortice Lock, and a 5 lever mortice lock. Order yours Today! Read More