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Self Adhesive Supplies

Discover a world of reliable bonding with Lockmaster’s Self Adhesive Supplies: Featuring Silicone Sealant, Cement Repair Sealant, Gap Sealer, and Super Glue. leads in the Door and Window Hardware Industry by offering top-notch Self Adhesive Supplies. We don’t just sell; we cater to specific needs, ensuring doors and windows remain secure and elegant. Every product we offer is tried and tested. This ensures they don’t just stick but stay bonded. Our range covers varied adhesive requirements, be it for a homeowner’s quick fix or a professional’s demanding job. Read More

SKU: EVT Window 70 Premium Glazing Silicone From: £5.10
SKU: MB Sanitary Seal Pro Silicone Sealant £4.20
SKU: MB LMA Silicone Sealant Clear & White £3.60
SKU: EB25 Everbuild Sealant and Adhesive £9.58
Out of stock
SKU: Mould X (Anti-mould) Sanitary Silicone Sealant Clear & White £8.64
SKU: LMA Silicone Sealant Brown & Black £4.38
SKU: Everbuild Forever Silicone £8.41