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Window hardware refers to the accessories used to lock and unlock your windows. Window handleslocks and keeps, and window hinges are great examples of this. And, while all windows may appear similar from a distance, the durability and security of your window hardware will set it apart from all the rest.

If you’re searching for window hardware and want undeniable quality at an attractive price, then Lockmaster is the place for you. With over eight manufacturers to choose from, we can customise your window hardware to your preference. Lockmaster’s superior hinges, handles, and Sash Jammers are what separate a spectacular, secure, and thermally efficient window from a poor, chilly, and unsecured one.

There are many things you can adapt to a window to make it more secure. Let’s say a construction company makes the back of your house more secure than the front. A Sash Jammer can be fitted over the window, tightly locking it in place, which gives an extra layer of defence and helps prevent forced entry.

You can also install a Window Restrictor that includes grade-four security screws to prevent burglary. Additionally, the window restrictor in a child’s situation enables the window to be opened to let in fresh air without running the danger of falls or intruders.

Another useful feature is an Egress Easy Clean Side Hung Window Stay, which is designed to make cleaning windows in your home or place of business simpler. The practical design allows you to clean both the inside and outside of the window—especially for your upstairs windows—by sliding it to the centre of the hinge.

Trickle Vent can provide you with a little air if there is dampness or not enough ventilation. Additionally, they help to remove stale air from the building, which is especially useful if there are any persistent odours inside.

On the other hand, if you want to keep drafts and water out of your house, a window gasket and seal are what you need. A properly installed rubber window gasket prevents air from leaking through window gaps. It will also seal off the space, preventing noise from entering.

For our complete range of Window Hardware, visit our parent site MB DIY. There, you will also find complementary products such as Window Handles and Window Vents.

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