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At Lockmaster, we offer the most stylish window handles including a the popular cockspur window handle, an espagnolette window handle, in chrome, brass and so much more! Every home is unique and deserves the finest details. Just as a window lets in light and offers a view, a handle gives its function. It lets you open, close, and lock with ease. With a vast collection to choose from, our handles cater to different tastes and needs.

Our range isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about security too. While our handles add to the décor, they also ensure your windows remain secure. Whether for style, safety, or both, Lockmaster ensures quality in every product. Discover the handle that suits your window and home best.

Main Types of Handles for Windows:

  1. Cockspur Window Handle
  2. Espagnolette Window Handle
  3. Window Fastener

Cockspur Window Handles

A Cockspur Window Handle has a history. It was there when the first window got installed. It’s purpose is to keep the window’s opening and outer frames together. These handles are on the moving part of uPVC windows. They close onto the window frame or a tiny ramp. Installing them is simple. Smaller windows often have these handles.

Espagnolette Window Handles

An Espagnolette Window Handle is advanced. It is the safest for double glazed windows. And best of all, it can be paired with an espagnolette lock. This lock is a multi-point system on the window’s frame. The handle has a special design. A square piece comes out from its back. This goes into a hidden lock gear in the window. When you turn the handle, the window unlocks.

Window Fastener

Wooden windows usually have Window Fasteners. They work like cockspur window handles. But there’s a difference. Window fasteners close into a shape called a wedge. They are for wooden windows only. When you turn this handle, it locks onto a wedge. Sometimes it locks onto a groove instead.

Chrome Window Handles

Chrome window handles are a top pick in today’s home designs. They have a bright and shiny finish. This finish can make any room look stylish and fresh. Think about a sunny room. The sunlight hits the chrome handles. Now, the room sparkles a bit more. These handles do more than just open or close windows. They add beauty to the room. Both bright and soft room colors go well with them. They fit into simple room designs and fancy ones too. When you choose these handles, you choose style and function. Looking for that extra touch to make a room perfect? Think about chrome window handles. They could be the answer.

Brass Window Handles

Brass window handles are a timeless choice. They have a rich golden tone. This colour gives rooms a classic and warm feel. Imagine a cosy space. The glow from brass handles adds to its charm. These handles do more than their basic job. They bring a touch of tradition to your home. Both dark and light room themes pair well with them. Whether you have a modern design or a vintage one, they fit right in. When you pick brass handles, you pick elegance and history. Want to add a bit of classic beauty to a room? Brass window handles are a great choice.

Gold Window Handles

Gold window handles have a luxurious touch. Their shimmering finish stands out in any room. Think of a space that needs a dash of opulence. Gold handles offer that sparkle. These aren’t just tools for opening windows. They are like jewellery for your home. They match both vibrant and soft colour schemes. You can use them in a sleek modern setting or a grand classic one. By choosing gold handles, you add an aura of luxury. If you want to enhance a room’s richness, go for gold window handles. They promise elegance every time.

Enhance Your Home with Our Handles!

Windows are essential. So are their handles. They boost your room’s look and function. Lockmaster sells handles in many colours. You can get them in brass, chrome, and gold. If you like a rich look, our brass handles are for you. They have a warm brown shade. This matches any home.

Having trouble? Need the right Window Handle? Contact our team. We are here to help.

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