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Explore our range of durable Window Hinges, including uPVC, Side and Top Hung options, as well as Egress Hinges, designed for safety and functionality.

Hinges are an important part of your window. They allow the window to be opened and closed while ensuring that it remains secure when open. There are three main types of hinges: Egress Hinge, which allow for easy escape in case of an emergency; Side Hung Window Hinge, which allow your window to open from the side; and Top Hung Window Hinge, which allow your window to open from the top.

uPVC Window Hinges

Manufacturers construct these hinges from metal to fit perfectly inside a euro groove found on the window’s profile. Consequently, this arrangement not only secures the hinges safely but also ensures they sit flush. Therefore, a uPVC window can typically accommodate a higher hinge, often known as a 17mm stack height. Remarkably, uPVC window hinges boast incredible durability and offer outstanding benefits. Moreover, for those seeking a child-proof solution, installing a restrictor type hinge proves ideal. This design prevents full opening unless pressing a button to enable the full range of motion.

Timber Window Hinges

Timber Hinges are predominantly face-fixed, which entails direct attachment of the hinge to the wood without needing installation into a rebate. This approach necessitates a lower stack height to accommodate the limited space between the window and its frame. Essentially, this distinction marks the primary difference between timber and uPVC hinges. Given that hinges are compatible with both uPVC and Timber windows, selecting the appropriate hinge type becomes crucial.

Types of Window Hinges:

These come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate any various window types. The most common types are the following:

  1. Egress Window Hinge
  2. Side Hung Window Hinge
  3. Top Hung Window Hinge

If you’re having trouble locating the right Hinge for your needs, kindly contact one of our exceptional team members who will gladly assist you.

Egress Window Hinges

Egress Hinges feature tempered glass or shatter-resistant materials for safety. In case of a fire, these break easily, allowing quick escapes without injury. Typically, homes don’t use this type of glass. Instead, they opt for Egress Hinges for emergency exits. These hinges move fully, facilitating rapid evacuation. Select egress window hinges for areas with safe fire escapes. High-rise buildings should include an extra window restrictor to prevent falls. Implement these precautions in children’s bedrooms with emergency exits.

Additionally, our Egress hinges selection offers an ‘egress easy clean’ model. It opens fully and then slides aside. This design simplifies cleaning both sides of the glass.

*The word “egress” refers to the ability to exit from a building or a structure.

Side Hung Window Hinges

These are installed on the top and bottom of the window. They are named side hung because of how the window functions rather than where the hinges are fastened. Side hung window hinges are commonly seen on big, fully opening windows in spaces such as bathrooms. These windows not only allow maximum circulation and light into the space, but they also act as an emergency exit when an egress hinge is installed. Side hung hinges are only available in 16-inch lengths. This is due to the fact that when a window is opened, a great deal of weight is placed on these hinges. If you have a large window in both width and length, you might consider installing a top hanging hinge instead.

Top Hung Window Hinges

These are located on the side of the window and enable movement from the top. This is where their name originates from. Our top-hung hinges are typically found on smaller opening windows, usually at the top of a double-glazing unit. These are the windows that are frequently opened during the day to enable air to circulate throughout the house, but this is not always the case. A large and heavy window would be better suited for top-hung hinges because they require less force to operate. Narrow windows may also be too small for a side hung hinge, necessitating the use of a top hung hinge.

Enhancing Safety and Functionality with Our Window Hinges

Discover the perfect blend of safety and functionality in our comprehensive range of Hinges. Our selection, from uPVC to Timber, Egress, Side Hung, and Top Hung Hinges, meets diverse needs and preferences. Each hinge type, crafted for specific applications, enhances your windows’ performance and safety features.

For guidance on selecting the ideal hinge for your requirements, our sales team stands ready to assist. Elevate your windows’ functionality and safety today with our specialized hinge solutions.

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