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Replacements provide several benefits to business and homeowners alike. In fact, they are a cost-effective solution for people who have damaged or lost their window key and do not want to buy a new window. Keys can be lost or stolen, so it is important to keep a spare set of keys somewhere safe. To figure out the key you need, simply email us a picture of the window handle and we will be happy to identify it for you. At Lockmaster, we provide the most secure and robust Replacement Window Keys, including uPVC and Double Glazing Window Keys!

Replacement Window Keys

It’s always wise to keep a spare window key in case you lose your original ones. There are many ways to prepare for such a mishap, and the most popular way is to purchase a replacement window key. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new replacement set of keys for your windows, keep in mind the two most popular types are: uPVC and a Double Glazing Window Key.

uPVC window keys

A uPVC Window Key, often called a “uPVC key” or “uPVC window lock key”, are a type of key that can be installed as a replacement for a uPVC window. They are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and found on several new builds. uPVC windows have grown in popularity due to them being cheaper, easier to maintain and less complicated to install than other types of windows.

Double Glazing Window Keys

There are many ways to replace a Double Glazing Window Key, and the best way is to find out what type of key you need before buying a new one. The replacement process is not difficult. You will have no trouble finding your replacement key because 95% of all keys are pre-cut in factories. If you need help locating the right one for your home, kindly contact one of our exceptional team members who will gladly assist you.

For our complete range of Window Keys, visit our parent site MB DIY. There, you will also find complementary products such as Window Handles and Trickle Vents.

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