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Window locks are the most important security feature on your windows. They help keep intruders out and provide peace of mind for homeowners. You have two options when it comes to installing a window lock. The first option is to use a sliding lock, which slides across the window frame and prevents it from being opened. This type of sliding lock is known as an Espagnolette Lock. The second option is to use a fixed lock, which connects to the moveable section of the window frame while latching onto the fixed part of the window frame to keep it shut. This type of locking mechanism is integrated into the handle and is known as a Cockspur Handle. At Lockmaster, we provide the most robust and secure Window Locks, including uPVC Window Locks, a Window-Stay, Saracen Window Lock and an Espagnolette Lock!

uPVC Window Locks

uPVC Window locks are locking mechanisms that prevent your window from being opened from the outside. An espagnolette lock is typically used on uPVC windows, and the entire system consists of three parts: a lock, a keep, and a handle. The lock is positioned on the hinged section of the window and contains holes for screws to be inserted for it to attach to the window. The keep is visible on the frame’s sides or bottom and is screwed to the frame. The final part of the locking mechanism is the handle, which is attached to the window frame and triggers the lock.

Wooden Window Locks

Wooden window locks are an excellent solution for homeowners who want to maintain the natural appearance of their windows while securing their houses from intruders. While wooden windows can accommodate most window locks, some need a bit more work than others. The most common type of wooden window lock is cockspur handles, which are incorporated into the handles. This is attached to the hinged portion of the window and allows it to be opened. When the window is locked, the other part attaches to the frame to protect it from the metal surface of the handle.

The other type of window lock falls into the casement stay or window fastener category. This is a long bar with holes that is normally attached to the bottom of the window. These holes then fit over a catch on the opposite side of the window, which allows the window to be firmly locked while simultaneously allowing air to pass through.

The third type of lock that can be found on a wooden window is an espagnolette lock. They are often found in uPVC windows. To accept an espagnolette lock, a window must be rebated or cut out to allow the lock to sit in place.

Types of Window Locks

Window locks secure windows and ensure they stay closed. There are different types of window locks, such as the Saracen Window Lock, each with their own set of advantages. The different types of window locks vary in complexity and function. They range from a window-stay or casement fastener, which is a piece of metal that clips into another piece of metal and holds the window in place. The espagnolette lock is a complex piece of hardware with several locking points that provide the highest level of security for a window.


Window stay is a metal bar that is commonly found on older wooden windows. The window stay is made up of two parts: the first is the pin, which is a little metal catch that goes on the fixed section of your window; and the latch. The second component is the stay, also known as the arm, which attaches to the moving part of your window, which is normally at the bottom. It acts as a locking point for your window and allows a partial opening to enable airflow through your house without your window being fully opened.

Saracen Window Lock

Saracen window lock is commonly found on sash windows. These have been used for a long time, meaning they are quite old, and as a result, they are frequently prone to failure and must be replaced. That is why we sell our Saracen gearboxes as a separate unit. There are a few types of Saracen gearboxes: A toothed version is available, which includes grooves that allow a window shoot bolt to be activated. A roller version, in which a roller is moved across the frame and into a locking pointFinally, a deadbolt model, fires into the frame to provide a secure locking point to prohibit entry into the structure.

It is critical to remember that when changing a Saracen gearbox, a like-for-like replacement is required to verify that your old hardware is compatible with the replacement hardware.

Espagnolette Lock

This is the most common type of window lock and can be found in most uPVC windows. This lock is essentially a Multipoint Lock for windows, and it consists of a Gearbox which is the heart of the lock. A window handle will fit into a square hole in the centre box of the window lock. When you lift the handle, the centre box slides rollers over the length of the lock. These rollers subsequently engage the second half of the lock (known as the keep). The window keep is installed on the inside of the window frame and serves only to provide a secure locking point for the espagnolette lock.

Some espagnolette locks include extra teeth on the ends to allow them to be extended. When extending a lock, extra locking points with a shot bolt are frequently provided, providing more security on larger windows.

If you’re having trouble locating the correct window lock, such as a Window-Stay or a Saracen window lock, for your home or business, kindly Contact one of our exceptional team members who will gladly assist you.

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