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Discover the safety benefits of Window Opening Restrictors, including Concealed, Cable, and standard Window Restrictors, ensuring secure and limited window opening for enhanced protection.

A Window Opening Restrictor is a security devices installed on your windows and, importantly, can be opened with a key. Moreover, it comes with an arm that extends outwards, which consequently prevents the window from opening more than a few inches. If you have children, this provides excellent protection and peace of mind because the security device will additionally restrict them from opening the window completely. Consequently, at Lockmaster, we provide the most secure Window Restrictors, including Concealed Restrictors, Cable Restrictors, manufactured by Jackloc, Boa, and more!

Types of Restrictors

Primarily, restrictors serve effectively to prevent your windows from opening too wide, safeguarding against potential injury or harm. Additionally, various types of them exist, each offering its own set of benefits. Most commonly, the types are as follows:

Concealed Window Restrictors

“Typically, people commonly use Concealed Restrictors in high-security buildings, and technicians install them directly into the window’s frame. Furthermore, they stand out as an excellent option for those desiring to welcome some fresh air into their homes without having to fully open their windows. Also, the hidden restrictors attach to the bottom of the sash, providing an unhindered view of the outside world. Thus, concealed restrictors serve perfectly for those who wish to restrict their windows without showcasing any visible hardware on them.”

Cable Window Restrictors

Interestingly, Cable Restrictors, due to their versatility and ease of use, are quickly becoming the most popular type of restrictors. Besides, you can install them on any window types, including uPVC and composite windows, and they don’t require professional installation. Notably, these external devices restrict the window’s opening by attaching to a cord that runs along the inside of your window, typically from one end to another.

If locating the right restrictors for your home proves challenging, then please contact one of our exceptional team members, who will happily assist you.

Other Types of Restrictors

In this context, we offer restrictors manufactured by leading producers in the industry, such as Jackloc and Boa. Moreover, they are available in a range of finishes and colors to beautifully complement your windows.

Jackloc Window Restrictors

Significantly, Jackloc products, having been rigorously tested in commercial settings, surpass all industry safety and security regulations. Not to mention, they product range aims to be childproof while maintaining the aesthetic of your home. Importantly, they manufacture all types of window restrictors, such as concealed restrictors and cable restrictors, using the most durable materials.

Boa Window Restrictors

Notably, Boa Restrictors have surpassed all British testing standards and are appropriate for use on fire egress applications.

Similarly, you can install them on any uPVC window, and they are designed to limit the aperture, preventing children from falling out. In contrast, the restrictors, which require a two-handed operation to release the catch, are non-key operated.

In conclusion, at Lockmaster, we guarantee to provide the most secure Window Opening Restrictor, including Concealed Restrictors, Cable Restrictors, manufactured by esteemed companies like Jackloc, Boa, and more! If finding the right restrictors for your home becomes a hassle, then kindly contact one of our exceptional team members, who will gladly assist you.

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