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Window Keeps

Window Keeps are security mechanisms that fit into the frames of your timber, aluminium, or uPVC windows. These keeps are required by the window espag locking system to engage and secure the window in a tightly closed position. The majority of window keeps are now easily obtainable, with a code on the rear and a manufacturer’s logo on the front. At Lockmaster, we provide the most secure and robust Window Keeps, including Mushroom Keeps, Corner Shoot Bolts Keeps, and so much more! Read More

SKU: Maco Mushroom Keeps From: £1.20
SKU: Yale Mushroom Keeps From: £0.98
SKU: GU Mushroom Striker Keep £2.03
SKU: Yale Corner Keeps Handed From: £2.02
SKU: Era Corner Shootbolt Keep £2.04
SKU: Era Corner Shoot Bolt Keep Dust Box £2.04
SKU: IGU38475A £2.70