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Window Locks

Window locks are the most important security feature on your windows. They help keep intruders out and provide peace of mind for homeowners. You have two options when it comes to installing a window lock. The first option is to use a sliding lock, which slides across the window frame and prevents it from being opened. This type of sliding lock is known as an Espagnolette Lock. The second option is to use a fixed lock, which connects to the moveable section of the window frame while latching onto the fixed part of the window frame to keep it shut. This type of locking mechanism is integrated into the handle and is known as a Cockspur Handle. At Lockmaster, we provide the most robust and secure Window Locks, including uPVC Window Locks, a Window-Stay, Saracen Window Lock and an Espagnolette Lock! Read More

SKU: MB Contract Espag Rod From: £3.96
SKU: Maco Inline Window Espag Lock From: £6.94
SKU: Yale Encloser Espagnolette From: £8.84
SKU: Roto TSL Window Espag Rod From: £11.84
SKU: Maco R.A.I.L Window Lock Rod From: £14.02
SKU: GU Twin-Cam Window Lock From: £12.59
SKU: Mila Espag Rod 110mm £7.42
SKU: Maco Offset Espag Window Lock From: £12.36
SKU: Avocet U-Rail Espag Rod From: £4.06
SKU: I037410 / I037414 From: £12.73
SKU: JU310115 £8.81
SKU: JR11262 / JR11263 £5.27
SKU: Maco MK2 Window Gearbox (Croppable) £5.93
SKU: Maco Shootbolt Rods From: £3.49
SKU: JA0030 / JA0031 From: £23.65
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SKU: Maco Rail Extended Reach Rod From: £10.90 From: £5.84