Your front door is one of the most focal points of your home exterior and usually acts as the main point of entry to the house. This provides a perfect opportunity to use door hardware to show off your own personal style and create a front door that is both secure and fashionable.

Door hardware comprises of two elements: Security, including Multipoint Locks and Door Cylinders, & Style, which includes door furniture such as Door Knockers and Letter Plates. To know where to begin, you need to know what you want to achieve. For a brand-new uPVC or Composite door, you will want to start with security whereas if you’re looking to revamp the aesthetics of your current door, you will want to look at door furniture.  Read More


Multipoint Locks


Door Knockers

Door Handles

Door Numerals

Spy Holes

door chains

Letter Plates

Door Hinges

sash jammers