In-Store Key Cutting in Middlesbrough

Need a fresh set of keys cut? Or perhaps just replace your old one.

At Lockmaster, we provide a highly secure solution for our customers searching for an efficient and practical In-Store key cutting service in Middlesbrough. With over 30 years of expertise providing the most secure In-Store key cutting service in Middlesbrough, you may benefit from knowing your keys are in safe hands with us. You will also benefit from expert advice on how to best protect your keys. Although many people prefer a good-looking key, they often overlook the importance of having a good-quality key that will operate properly when you need it the most!

We can cut almost all types of keys, including the standard euro 6 pin cylinder. We also provide Yale Platinum and Yale Superior key cutting services to customers searching for that extra bit of security.

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The Yale Platinum 3 Star Key Cutting Service

Yale Platinum 3 Star Key Cutting Service can only be achieved by using a unique encrypted code that is written on your Yale Platinum Key code card. Simply type the codes D E F or PD PE PF into the Key Number section above. The entire prefix letter must be used. Your key codes are found on your key code card attached to your original keys.

Please do not purchase this item if your key begins with A / SA, B / SB and C / SC codes as this is the  Yale Superior 1 Star Key.

The Yale Superior 1 Star Key Cutting service 

This key is found on ‘Yale Superior’ euro cylinder locks, which are typically seen in uPVC / double-glazed doors. In contrast to cheaper cylinder locks, keys for a Yale Superior lock may only be re-cut using an encrypted code found on your Yale Superior Key code card.

Please enter the A / SA, B / SB & C / SC codes shown on your key fob, this number is unique to your key.

If you’d like to learn more about our key cutting service and how it may help you, please contact one of our exceptional team members who will gladly assist you.

Replacement key(s) to suit Yale Patented Platinum 3 Star Cylinder

  • Sold in single keys
  • Flat reversible dimple key with stylish nylon key bow
  • suitable for all cylinder size
Buy Replacement Platinum Key(s)

Replacement key(s) to suit Yale Patented Superior 1 Star Cylinder

  • Sold in single keys
  • Cut on a compatible key (Keys may vary)
  • suitable for all cylinder sizes
Buy Replacement Superior Key(s)