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Lockmaster: WhatsApp

A New Way to Connect with Lockmaster.co.uk

We are excited to announce that Lockmaster.co.uk has now introduced a new, convenient method of contact for our valued customers: WhatsApp. Understanding the need for quick and efficient communication in today’s fast-paced world, we’ve integrated WhatsApp messaging into our service offerings, allowing you to reach out to us directly and instantly.

Why Use WhatsApp for Communication?

Instant and Accessible

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps globally, known for its ease of use and instant delivery. By choosing WhatsApp as a communication channel, we are ensuring that you can reach us Monday to Friday between 8am – 5pm, anywhere, without the hassle of waiting times associated with traditional methods like email or phone calls.

Share Images and Details with Ease

Whether you’re inquiring about a specific product, or need assistance with a lock issue, WhatsApp allows for the seamless exchange of messages and images. This means you can send us pictures of your locks, doors or window hardware directly, helping us understand your needs better and provide more accurate and personalised advice.

Secure and Private Conversations

Your privacy is our priority. WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your conversations with us remain secure and confidential. You can share information with us, knowing it’s protected.

How to Use Our WhatsApp Service

  1. Save Our Number: Simply add our dedicated WhatsApp number to your contacts.
  2. Send a Message: Reach out to us with your queries, concerns, or feedback directly through WhatsApp.
  3. Get Quick Responses: Our team will respond promptly, providing the information or assistance you need.
Whatsapp Lockmaster

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