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Half Euro Cylinder Thumbturn – 40/10/5

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The half thumbturn cylinders are ideal for applications where controlled access is required, as they are operated on one side without a key.

  • Thumb turn operation
  • No keys required
  • Thumbturn facility is located on the first size listed – e.g. a 35/45 cylinder would have the thumbturn on the 35 side

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Half Euro Cylinder Thumbturn

Secure your space effectively with the Half Euro Cylinder Thumbturn. Choose keyless, robust protection and ensure steadfast safety effortlessly!

Welcome to the world of the Half Euro Cylinders, a pinnacle of convenient security. A Half Euro Cylinder essentially means that the cylinder is cut in half. Thus, it provides you with a locking solution that operates with a key on the outside and a thumbturn on the inside. Now, focusing on the term “Euro,” this tells us about the shape and size standardization. Furthermore, It implies that the lock is compatible with numerous doors across Europe. Then, the term “Thumbturn” brings us to ease of operation. This feature ensures that from inside, the lock can be engaged or disengaged with a simple turn of the thumbturn, negating the need for a key. Therefore, every interaction is simple, every use is keyless from the inside, and every experience with the cylinder is a blend of security and simplicity. [read more]

A Simple Yet Secure Option

Venturing into the realm of half thumbturn cylinders unveils a sanctuary where security seamlessly intertwines with convenience. These distinctive cylinders take the forefront in settings where regulated access is vital. They nullify the need for keys and usher in effortless access via thumb turn operation.

Furthermore, envisage a 35/45 cylinder as an exemplar. In this scenario, the thumbturn deliberately nestles on the 35 side, harmoniously merging utility with aesthetic charm. Every turn and every secure lock become unobtrusive yet unwavering elements of your daily existence, making the half thumbturn cylinders not just a tool, but a subtle, reliable enhancement to your everyday spaces.

Your Door Deserves the Half Euro Cylinder Thumbturn

Why choose the Half Euro Cylinder Thumbturn for your property? It beautifully mixes aesthetics and security. Opting for this Half Euro Cylinder not only strengthens your property’s security but also adds a sleek look to your doors. [/read]

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Product: Half Euro Cylinder Thumbturn – 40/10/5


Half Euro Cylinder Thumbturn – 40/10/5

£7.92 inc VAT.

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