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Maco Shootbolt Rods

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The Maco shootbolt bars are for use with the MK1 gearbox. Easy-to-fit adjustable bars are available in four sizes suitable for all gearbox backsets. Mushroom cams positioned at the bar ends facilitate a smooth gliding action, pulling in larger vents to ensure a secure and effective weather seal to the window. A pair is required for every centre gearbox.

  • Bar Material: passivated steel
  • Mushroom Cam & shootbolt locking points
  • 18mm shootbolt throw
  • Adjustable bars easily cut with a hacksaw
  • A pair is required for every centre gearbox
  • Fixings are not included

Explore robust, adjustable Maco Shootbolt Rods and Mushroom Cams from Lockmaster. Your gateway to superior security. Unlock the potential of enhanced security and aesthetic appeal with Maco coupled with Mushroom cams. These elements do not merely exist as standalone components. Instead, they coalesce to form a bulwark of security while also accentuating the visual allure of your doors. [read more]

Securing Elegance and Safety in One Package

Embrace the diverse range offered by Maco Shootbolt Rods. With lengths available in varied options like (320-400), (400-800), and more, it caters to numerous door sizes. You can select from Cam Sizes of 7.7mm or opt for No-Cam, facilitating a customizable security fit. The rods, crafted from passivated steel, guarantee longevity and stalwart security, especially with the incorporation of Mushroom Cam and shootbolt locking points and an 18mm shootbolt throw. The adjustable bars, which can be easily modified with a hacksaw, bring forth an element of simplicity in installation and adjustment. Though sold singly, it’s vital to note that each centre gearbox necessitates a pair of rods, and fixings must be obtained separately.

Concluding Thoughts: An Investment in Maco Shootbolt Rods

So, why should Maco Shootbolt Rods and Mushroom Cams secure a spot in your property’s defences? Simply put, they don’t just offer formidable protection. Rather, they provide a tangible commitment to safeguarding your domain with a distinct, reliable defensive mechanism. Choosing Maco isn’t just making a choice. Indeed, it’s making a wise, forward-thinking investment in steadfast security for your space. [/read]

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Product: Maco Shootbolt Rods

SKU: Maco Shootbolt Rods

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