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Mila GR Series Espag Window Rod 110mm

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The 3 Series espagnolette Locking mechanism is designed to fit standard and reduced depth euro grooves. It provides smooth operation and effective sealing for all types of casement windows.

  • Available in 19mm or 22mm backset with 9mm cams
  • Brass mushroom cams compression adjustable +/-1mm
  • Faceplate in steel
  • Lockcase in zinc diecast
  • Fits standard and reduced depth eurogrooves
  • BBA approved product

Welcome to the world of the Mila GR Series Espag Window Rod 110mm, a name synonymous with safety and style for your windows! Imagine a locking system that offers you the choice to enhance security without compromising aesthetics. The backset options of 20mm and 22mm ensure your windows are snug and secure. Further customization is possible with alternatives between a 19mm or 22mm backset with 9mm cams, providing a fit perfect for your windows. Additionally, the adjustable brass mushroom cams, a steel faceplate, and a zinc diecast lockcase all combine strength, precision, and beauty in one package. Not to forget, this BBA-approved product fits both standard and reduced-depth eurogrooves, making it versatile for various window types while upholding rigorous quality standards.

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Delving into Precision and Security:

Let’s talk about the Mila GR Series Espag Window Rod, where precise size ensures heightened security. Firstly, you have backset options of 20mm and 22mm. So, you get to choose a fit that snugly secures your windows. Secondly, a choice exists between a 19mm or 22mm backset with 9mm cams. This feature is there to cater to your window setup perfectly. Next, consider the brass mushroom cams, adjustable by a minor +/-1mm. What does this mean for you? Simple, it ensures pinpoint accuracy during installation. Moreover, the faceplate, crafted of steel, not only promises strength but also delivers a sleek, visually pleasing window appearance. Moving on, our lockcase, made from sturdy zinc diecast, stands for a stable, trustworthy locking system. Notably, the Mila GR Series brings versatility to the forefront, fitting both standard and reduced-depth eurogrooves. Thus, it signals compatibility with various window types. Furthermore, being a BBA-approved product, it adheres to strict testing and top-tier quality standards, thereby elevating your window’s security and aesthetic appeal to new heights.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Mila GR Series Espag Window Rod 110mm:

In wrapping up, choosing the Mila GR Series Espag Window Rod 110mm is a wise, informed decision. It binds together powerful security and a polished aesthetic uplift for your property. Every feature is meticulously crafted, ensuring you invest in a product that aligns with the pinnacle of quality and safety standards. So, make a savvy move. Opt for a lock system that encompasses quality, durability, and stylish appeal all in one. Contact a member of our experienced sales team if you’re having trouble finding the right lock for your property. [/read]

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Product: Mila GR Series Espag Window Rod 110mm

SKU: Mila Espag Rod 110mm

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