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Oval Cylinder Thumbturn 35-35

£14.21 inc VAT.

SKU Era Oval Thumbturn Cylinder Category
  • Optimum comfort and ease of operation through ergonomic thumbturn design
  • Suits all Oval type mortice lock products
  • Supplied with 3 cut keys
  • 30,000 differs
  • Available in Brass and Silver finishes
  • Thumbturn facility is located on the first size listed – e.g. a 35/45 cylinder would have the thumbturn on the 35 side

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Oval Cylinder Thumbturn 35/35

Secure and enhance your doors with the Oval Cylinder Thumbturn 35/35. Choose between silver and brass finishes, and ensure stylish safety with our reliable cylinders. Not just a lock. It ensures that you can easily secure your door from the inside with a simple turn of the thumbturn. No need for a key when you’re indoors! The thumbturn mechanism provides easy access and lockability, ensuring that your door remains secure yet accessible when needed. The “35/35” specifies its size in millimeters. It’s essential to get this right for fitting purposes. Especially relevant when this is a replacement for your existing hardware. The Oval Cylinder is compatible with a wide array of doors due to its Euro profile. This profile is common in the UK and Europe, designed to fit a multitude of door types. Moving forward, let’s delve into its physical attributes like colour and further explore its functionalities to understand why this piece stands out in the realm of door hardware. [read more]

A Palette of Choices and Precision

Colour can communicate a narrative in subtle whispers. Silver and Brass narrate their own tales in the context of the Thumbturn Oval Cylinder. Silver speaks a modern, sleek language. Brass, on the other hand, utters words of classic, timeless elegance. Both are vocal in their aesthetic appeal and silent in their robust operation. The available size is 35/35, translating to 70mm. This precise dimension ensures compatibility and adaptability with numerous doors. Therefore, selecting the size is not merely a choice. It’s aligning with a tailored fit for your doors.

Unlocking Future Security with the Oval Cylinder Thumbturn 35/35

Embracing the Oval Cylinder Thumbturn 35/35 is akin to welcoming a guard and a stylist into your space. This component stands stoutly against security threats while subtly uplifting your door’s aesthetic. In each turn of the cylinder, a silent assurance of safety resonates. Likewise, every glance at the door whispers a visual appeal. For those desiring not just a product but a promise, the choice is crystal clear. This isn’t just hardware. It’s peace of mind. It’s a statement. Adopt the Oval Cylinder Thumbturn 35/35. Augment security. Amplify aesthetic. [/read]

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Product: Oval Cylinder Thumbturn 35-35

SKU: Era Oval Thumbturn Cylinder

Oval Cylinder Thumbturn 35-35

£14.21 inc VAT.

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