Trojan Mega Egress Window Friction Hinge


The Yale Mega Egress Hinge is developed for use on side-opening casement window systems. Due to the superior integral strength, the hinge can be used for all sash widths up to 900mm with a maximum load of 35kg.

The Easy Clean feature allows the sash to slide away from the corner and then auto-lock back into egress mode for ultimate safety.

  •  220mm and 345mm suit all side-hung applications up to 600mm and 900mm sash widths respectively
  • In the open position, the sash is moved outside the frame to maximise the escape aperture
  • True 90º opening for egress compliance
  • Achieves minimum fire escape requirement of 450mm opening for egress applications on smaller windows compared with traditional egress hinges
  • Can be moved into an easy clean position, with automatic reset to egress operation on closing (345mm version)
  • Excellent compression is achieved by unique patented hinge geometry
  • Superior carrying weight

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