WS75S Stronghold Container Block Lock


The Squire WS75S Stronghold Container Block Lock is a high-security container lock with tamper-proof technology, purpose-designed for extreme resistance against the threat of a sustained attack.

It has an 80mm solid hardened steel lock body with an electrophoretic finish for excellent anti‐corrosion resistance, even in challenging weather conditions.

The 12mm diameter hardened boron alloy steel shackle rotates for extra anti‐saw protection and ultimate security performance.

Easy to operate, the re-keyable 6-pin, anti‐bump, tumbler locking mechanism features anti‐pick technology and offers over 260,000 key variations.


Body width: 80mm.
Body thickness: 25mm.
Shackle diameter: 12mm.
Vertical shackle clearance: 14mm.
Horizontal shackle clearance: 27mm.
Overall height: 65mm.
Shackle material: Boron steel.
Mechanism: 6-pin tumbler.
Body material: Solid hardened steel.
Security rating: CEN grade 4.


Despatch Time: 2 - 3 Days

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